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Preparing for Tuesday 6th

I was speaking to a friend I hadn't seen in ages, and was excited to tell him that I was still continuuing as a stand-up comedian and that I'd done over a dozen shows now and that it was going good, even though I often bombed.

My girlfriend is a Transformer, redux!

If you've seen my stuff before, skip to the middle

My girlfriend is a Transformer

I hadn't done a comedy show in two months, and for the past month I'd been waiting for my turn to come up at Lazy Susan's. I spent about a week preparing but despite having written lots of little bits in that time, I couldn't find any funny way to string them all together.

RAW Comedy wildcard night

I was in the wildcard round of the RAW Comedy competition tonight. I put a set together which was a mix of what worked last Saturday and last night, plus one or two funny bits from the past and one or two completely new small things that I'd always wanted to do.

Exotic porn for angry people

I prepared a set almost exactly the same as the last half of my Northbridge street set from Saturday which got a good reception, so I knew it was good, and yet when I ran it last night it went okay but not great.

Street comedy in the Northbridge Piazza

I performed a free event last night on the edge of the Northbridge Piazza. It was 5 minutes of my Raw Comedy set, followed by 5 minutes of brand new material. It all went really well, but unfortunately I forgot to tape it.

RAW Comedy chose me!

After Set #9 I got picked to compete in the Wildcard Round of the RAW Comedy Competition!

RAW Comedy entry

Last night I participated in Heat 5 of the RAW Comedy Festival competition. There were 14 contestants, at least 3 didn't do well but the rest were great, and the MC and headliner were great, too. Everyone was friendly backstage. I also spoke before and after the show with someone from ABC Radio.

Models can't spell models

This sucked.

Trip to the vet

I did really well today, this is my new best set.

Superman saved me

I liked it and it went over so-so, though it takes a while to get going.

Cats beat the hell out of dogs

Watch the show, this is one of my better ones

Games adults play

I think it was funny but I bombed pretty hard.

How women become thin or fat

I bombed pretty hard.

Why dolphins can't use toilets

This was my second performance ever, I had just come back from holiday and was feeling great, really happy to be back, suntanned and relaxed with brand new material. Almost everything hit just like I had planned, except something at the beginning.

That's how terrorism works

My first stand-up, it's funny and must-see TV!