Cody Konior Senior SQL Server Database Administrator Spider photographer, stand-up comedian, astronomer, and occasional beekeeper.

Trip to the vet

I did really well today, this is my new best set.

Superman saved me

I liked it and it went over so-so, though it takes a while to get going.

Cats beat the hell out of dogs

Watch the show, this is one of my better ones

Games adults play

I think it was funny but I bombed pretty hard.

How women become thin or fat

I bombed pretty hard.

Why dolphins can't use toilets

This was my second performance ever, I had just come back from holiday and was feeling great, really happy to be back, suntanned and relaxed with brand new material. Almost everything hit just like I had planned, except something at the beginning.

That's how terrorism works

My first stand-up, it's funny and must-see TV!