I was in the wildcard round of the RAW Comedy competition tonight. I put a set together which was a mix of what worked last Saturday and last night, plus one or two funny bits from the past and one or two completely new small things that I'd always wanted to do.

Oh, and for the first time, I didn't wear a suit. Now that I've tried it, I like both.

I was first up on stage and I just didn't do as well as I could have. The audience didn't seem to like my material as much as I had hoped, and for the first time since I started I forgot my set part-way through and had to check my cheat sheet.

Almost everyone on the night was better than me (I still kicked one or two), but the three winners were definitely great and deserved it. I didn't deserve it, yet, but when it comes around again next year I'll be ready with a vengeance.

I recorded my set, and hopefully I can put it online later if the festival organisers authorise it, now that I've lost.