Watch the show, this is one of my better ones

I didn't practice as much as I usually would, because I was trying to make things seem fresher and less canned than before, which I think is partially why I bombed so hard at the Laugh Resort. I got laughter, more as time went on, and a few other comedians then referenced me in their acts and said they liked it after, which was the best thing ever. They actually remember what I said!

I think the main reason I got laughter here is because I had fallen into a character, exaggerating my personality trait of focusing on the minutia of mundane things and believing they revolve around me.

Some bits did fall flat, but I didn't have to use my cheat sheet for the first time. Early on I accidentally went into a punchline too early, which broke that bit, and I didn't even HAVE a punchline for my ending - but by using it I thought of a new one after the show.