I liked it and it went over so-so, though it takes a while to get going.

I struggled so much to decide which material I'd been working on to use, switching things around up until the last day where I actually completely rewrote it based on the ideas of the routines I had, and came up with this. I think that's why I could remember it all quite easily. I still wasn't very happy with the opening though.

I missed a few punchlines where I had planned to do callback humour, swapped the mic from hand to hand too much, and stared at the floor when I should be looking at the audience. I was doing that to try to remember what to say. I also talked too fast at the end as my time was running out, and I went a few minutes over. I was particularly sad about that because I try so hard to get it to 5 minutes.

On the good side, I did it, and I moved the microphone when I went on and also used it mid-set, reduced my hand movements, thought up some new and better punchlines, and controlled my face more. Sometimes my eyes look a little weird like I'm begging for laughter and it tends to make things bomb.

Right after the show I felt I had bombed, but watching the video I feel, although it's not as strong as I wanted to end 2009, I think it was a decent success.