If you've seen my stuff before, skip to the middle

I got an email from a comedy club manager on Tuesday asking me to come in and do 5 minutes for Thursday night. I was really surprised because I'd just taken a 2 month sabatical and only resumed comedy last week, and suddenly I had another chance to take to the stage at a professional non-open mic venue! So I jumped at it!

The first half of my set I use the cat/vet story. I've used this 4 times so far, and the only great reaction I had was on the very first night I used it, and since then it has gone down further, and further. I feel sad about that and can't quite identify why except maybe I'm just not passionate enough about it anymore?

Then I went into my new Transformers bit I started last week (but couldn't record back then). I'd retooled it a little and made it longer, then came up with a great tag just a few minutes before going on stage. It worked a treat! It's my new favourite bit.

And finally I finish with a mix of new and old coffee bits. I have a lot of stuff about coffee and this was the first time I tried to chunk them all together. The result was pretty good, though I skipped a few beats and the very end needs tightening up.

Overall I realise I went way too fast, and yet, finished exactly on 5 minutes! So, I'm happy about that. And I didn't forget anything! The audience took a while to warm up but I'm pretty sure they liked me at the end. Compared to the other performances of the night, I was in the middle of the pack - a few didn't fare so well, and others blew me out of the water. Which is good, because the audience wins!

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be able to be a "great" comedian. I definitely have trouble converting some of my ideas into stuff that is funny, and even more problems working out how to perform them on stage. But it's still early.

I also heard last night about a competition called Green Faces. I couldn't work out how to enter the Perth rounds, but I might like to give it a try with a mix of some of my lesser known and newest material (definitely not the cats bit anymore, for now).

PS: If you have any advice on how to take better video under stage lights, I'd love to hear them.