I think it was funny but I bombed pretty hard.

I practiced my heart out for this one, a real show at Laugh Resort, then missed a punchline early on and lost the confidence of the crowd, setting myself up for very few laughs. They were nice enough to let me finish hanging myself:

I think what I learned here is that my facial expressions and the strength of the opener can be determining factors in how well the show is going to go. I don't think the material was wrong for the crowd - though it's possible, it's not a very helpful belief.

It was a very tough night for the first few comedians too, but comedians near the end really won the crowd over, especially when they had interaction with the crowd. But I think it was confidence in themselves and their material that really sold it. I think it's a mistake to do Laugh Resort without believing in yourself 100%, unlike some of the other venues which are more forgiving.