I bombed pretty hard.

Here you go on stage and have to try to last 5 minutes without 3 audience members voting you off (which they do during your act by holding up elephant pictures). Of about 20 comedians only 6 made it to the semi-final.

I really screwed up here, missing a punch line, forgetting where I was the moment I stepped on stage, and having a facial expression where I'm begging for laughs from the audience. I really hated myself for that.

I felt worse for the other comedians, some were hilarious and deserved to win but didn't. Others weren't funny in the slightest but lasted the 5 minutes just by not saying anything controversial (or funny at all). The judges were extremely harsh in the first round, however then the judges were swapped with other people and were extremely forgiving in the second round. So that sucked too.

But to be clear I completely lost this one out of my own mistakes. Oh, and it reminded me it's important to be able to run a clean set, which I won't be able to do for a long time.