I hadn't done a comedy show in two months, and for the past month I'd been waiting for my turn to come up at Lazy Susan's. I spent about a week preparing but despite having written lots of little bits in that time, I couldn't find any funny way to string them all together.

So I wasn't sure, do I go up on stage and say what I have to say in the off chance the audience finds it funny, and for the experience, and to get myself back into the swing of things? Or do I cancel. And I prefer not to cancel, because it might give me a bad rap next time I try to get a spot. (As fate would have it a lot of people cancelled at the last minute).

I decided to go on anyway. Which is lucky because by the end of Tuesday I'd really refined my set-list into something I thought was good enough to try out.

And I was wrong! Haha. Okay I knew going in things would probably suck, and reality confirmed my suspicions. But with that said, out of the dozen or so bits, the audience found 2 or 3 funny, which means I can refine them for next time.

Unfortunately the event wasn't taped, which is really sad, because I have stage amnesia and can't remember which bits the audience liked and didn't like. I'm not sure what I can do about that.

Topics covered include:

  • What's weird about prayer
  • Suicide in the morning
  • What's hard about being fat (this is probably too complicated)
  • McDonalds Coffee (a new one, there was a laugh in here somewhere)
  • Men and Women
  • Sex (this got a big laugh)
  • Transformers (this got a big laugh)

Some of my routines were based on Christian ideas, though I'm not Christian. It's just that I listened to a Best of Christian Comedy 2000 CD a week ago and it was so bad, it wasn't funny at all, and I thought I could do better. Woops.

I also forgot my set list part-way through which sucked. It was caused by nervousness rather than not preparing.

Overall I'm satisfied, and wanting to do better next time, and that's that.