In the very beginning, the MC forgot my name, and it was really embarrassing (for him, but it's no big deal really), and so when I went on stage I moped on and started saying, "Don't feel bad for me, when I was younger:" and then the video begins.

See my post below for the rest of the back-story about how I got the show.

I've just watched my performance though and I have to say it's pretty good. The material was tighter than the night before with a few tag lines I came up with just before (and during!) the show, so I'm happy with that.

On the down side there were some prickly moments. I fumbled the beginning and end with the mic, dropped one bit without realising it, and messed up the toothpaste joke so it missed part of the setup and so nobody could understand it - and they didn't laugh. I was wondering why! My mistake.

But yeah, good fun for me. Now onto preparing for the next show :