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I'm a Senior SQL Server DBA from Perth, Western Australia. I'm currently employed full-time but also operate a sole trader business, Safe SQL (ABN 29 770 592 430). I've had an interesting background:

  • As a teenager I was a technician for a small computer store.
  • I then started working for their IT wholesaler. This gave me my own business client list and I learned I liked looking after people.
  • I really wanted out of sales and back into the technical side of IT. I started work as a help desk analyst and it wasn't too long before I was developing tools to fix problems.
  • I also built a lot of reports and my next job was solely working with SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Finally I became a Database Developer, and later a Database Administrator.

Moving from technician sales help desk reporting development administration gives me a very eclectic mix of talents that I used to lament as being the unemployable Jack of all trades and master of none. But I've since been hired by enough companies to feel comfortable in my ability to add value wherever I end up.

These days I focus on Enterprise-class problems where standardisation, security, and automation are paramount. Plus I often deep dive into anything weird that comes up and which I just can't let go! I try to blog about these as much as I can in the hope that shining a light on those dark corners might save others some time.

For hobbies I take macro photographs of spiders and other insects, play board games, practice astronomy if the sky is clear, and occasionally do amateur stand-up comedy. I also did a practical course in beekeeping recently .