I've been practicing with Master Data Services 2012 SP1 today by following along Profisee's free training course and came across two MDS bugs.

Bug #1

I received an error when trying to click Validate on a model.

Server Error in '/MDS1' Application.
An error occurred while processing message request type 'ValidationGetRequest'. See exception details for more information.

Thankfully it's documented here and has an easy fix: MDS Validate Version command fails with a server error in SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014.

Bug #2

This is far more irritating and I didn't find it recorded anywhere. Steps to reproduce:

  • If you have one model with one version.
  • Lock, validate, and commit that version.
  • Copy the committed version (so it makes a new, open, version).
  • Go to Transactions.

You'll get this error:

Transactions do not exist for this version of the model.

Whether you select VERSION_1 or VERSION_2 no transactions will show for either of them until you change the Model selection to blank then back to your model. This forces the screen to reset to show VERSION_1 and you'll see all the transactions (until you leave and re-enter the screen).

Even after adding transactions to VERSION_2 it will then show VERSION_2 transactions but all the VERSION_1 transactions will stay hidden (unless you do the hokey-pokey as per above). I'm using IE11 in Compatibility Mode and with MDS in the Trusted Zone.