Thanks to everyone that came to see my presentation at the Perth SQL Server User Group! Here was the recorded video with annotations and notes for all the miscellaneous errors that occurred during the demos.

It really irritates me when presentations don't let you go back and try them again later, so here are all of the sample files used. There are all the files I used off my desktop during the demos, plus the final profile and MyModule which I was building along the way to use for the final Totally Realistic Scenario.

If you want to reconstruct the environment, it's quite easy and based on the Microsoft Test Lab Guides:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 TLG
  • Exchange Server 2013 on the Windows 2012 R2 Base Configuration TLG
  • Install SQL Server 2012 Enterprise TLG

The only alterations were using SQL Server 2014 instead of 2012 and adding an extra user, bossyboss. I then ran Update-Help on them and other commands in the sample files of the Remoting section of the presentation.