It was a great night last night, after taking nearly a year off comedy, and coming back and getting some laughs. I feel super fat on stage, part of the reason I stopped, and I'll have to keep working on that:

I almost cancelled before the show, not just from being sick, but also because I had no confidence in my material. But I was rewriting parts of it right up to the last minute of the show, and it came out far better than what I had originally written down.

Because that's what I do. I have a hundred notes, I pull them together into some kind of storyline I can remember, and then I say it a dozen times until it comes out naturally, all the while changing words here and there to make it funny.

As for this specific show; I was far more nervous than you'd expect from my 19th show, I forgot my place part way, messed up one joke majorly, two fell completely flat and need major work; and people were laughing at things I didn't expect. All in all, not a bad return. I won't leave it so long before trying again:

Everyone else up there was great, the audience was really forgiving, and John Conway in particular was back in Perth and being his amazing self, and I can't wait for his special show on Sunday night.