I did another deadpan set tonight, though occasionally found myself slipping into my normal voice a few times, which ruined the effect a little. A lot of my bits didn't necessarily have punchlines but I was thinking they would pull through based on the weirdness/self-deprecation factor.

They didn't pull through.

At one point in the show, I heard at least one person say, "That's wrong". Also when I walked off stage, someone said (incredulously), "Was he video taping himself?" Well of course I was, I'm a professional.

The crowd was great though. I'm just going to relegate all of this material (except one or two pieces which were great) into the "stuff only I found funny" pile. Or I could use punchlines. Either way.

I feel sad because I actually worked pretty hard on these. But that's a comedians life. You do 12 bits, you're lucky if a few of them hit, rinse, wash, and repeat until you have increasing amounts of solid material to rely on.